The Effects of Letting Your Toddler Sleep with You

Co-sleeping is a practice in which the child sleeps in the same bed as their parents or guardians for a part of the night or the entire night. Most families practice co-sleeping as a form of a bond between parent and child, and others do it to reduce the chances of their child waking up during the onset of a nightmare.

Families have mixed feelings regarding co-sleeping as some find it intimate as a family experience while some find it frustrating due to the bed having another occupant.

Many studies go against co-sleeping as it raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. One study tackled the effects of co-sleeping on the mom’s mental health. It was elaborated in the study that children having sleep problems was also linked to parents suffering from sleep problems.

As seen in the report, movement from the child while in the same bed interrupts the parent’s sleep. When researchers compared mothers who practiced co-sleeping to those who did not, co-they found that sleeping mothers reported more symptoms of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Pediatricians encourage parents to help train their child sleep independently in order to prevent difficult transitioning from co-sleeping to sleeping on their own.

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