How TV as Background Noise Can Affect Your Toddler

Having a television set is already considered the norm. It has become a household item that varies in usage from informing parents of news reports to entertaining children with televised kids’ shows. In most households, the television is turned on in the background most of the time even if no one is watching. Despite its normality, it may be bad for your child.

A study has shown that the background noise emitted by the television can cause negative effects on the development and learning ability of your toddler. Two groups of toddlers were tested with their learning ability with noise in the background. It revealed that the background noise emitted by the television hinders your toddler’s learning skills because of it simply being noisy. The noise prevents them from fully concentrating and focusing on learning.

It does not necessarily mean that you should throw out your television set. Rather, you have to set a time limit on when the TV is in use. It is still okay to use the device to entertain your toddler with age-appropriate material. However, it is better to switch off the TV when it is not in use and most especially when you are teaching them a new word.

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