Potty Training: What’s the Difference Between Boys and Girls?

Potty training is one of the most essential lessons to teach your toddler. Potty training is significantly different between a boy and a girl as each gender has its own characteristics in learning. However, potty training also depends on the toddlers themselves; some are quick to learn while some take a while and take their time. Let’s enumerate the difference between potty training boys and girls:

When to Start

Girls normally show interest earlier than boys in learning how to potty.

Training Technique

Obviously, anatomy is very different between boys and girls, hence different techniques in teaching are required. For girls, you must teach them how to wipe their bottom while boys have to be taught how to aim their penis to avoid spills.

Choosing a Potty

Choosing a potty is much easier for girls because almost all potties can be used by them. For the boys, potties with splash guards are the ones you should have.

Choosing Potty Aids

Generally, teachings aids can help children retain information about what they have just learned. It also depends on the child on what type of teaching aid he or she responds to. It may be through dolls, action figures or videos with characters that educate them on potty training. A few good examples are The Potty Movie for Boys, Potty Superhero, Princess Potty Time, and Big Girls Use the Potty.

Giving Rewards

In comparison, boys tend to get bored with rewards easily. On the other hand, girls can be satisfied with one reward throughout the potty training session. Rewards can be in the form of stickers, toys, food, or anything that may interest them.


Seeing a demonstration will help the child visually on what to do. Moms can demonstrate for daughters while dads can demonstrate for sons.


Girls mature much faster than boys, hence why they are more interested in potty training. Boys can easily get interested in learning but tend to lose interest along the way.

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