How to Enjoy Your Vacation with a Toddler

Going on a vacation sounds divine as you get to relax from all the stress from work. However, vacations are different now that you have a toddler in your life. They are no longer the usual sleeping-all-day type like they used to be when they were still a baby.

Instead, they are now full of energy with needed naps in between. That said, here are some tips that will help you survive and enjoy your vacation with your toddler:

Plan What Type of Trip that Accommodates Everyone

When planning your trip, take into consideration something that your toddler will also enjoy. Sightseeing and museum hopping may be out of the question because they can get cranky. Fun activities like going to the beach and swimming are something you might consider as they can enjoy playing in the sand and water.

Another thing to consider is meal times at restaurants. Try to mix in child-friendly restaurants that offer crayons and has a kid’s menu for them.

Sleeping Arrangements

Have your toddlers sleep in a separate room to give you and your partner some time alone. When your toddler is used to sleeping alone, they can get confused by the sudden arrangements or would want to play all night instead.

Keep their Clothes Simple

Pack light and comfortable for your toddler as they are expected to get messy. Don’t fuss over repeating the same outfit as it will significantly decrease the hassle of bringing travel clothes.

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