How Functional Play is Both Fun and Healthy

Functional play is defined as their “first play” whereas they play with a toy with its intended function. An example is playing with a ball by rolling. Another thing considered as functional play is when they do an action repeatedly which entertains them. It can be the simple act of spinning the wheels on a toy car or even the throwing of toys.

The colors, shapes, textures, and functions of a toy will help your toddler learn. It is also important to provide toys that are safe regardless of whether they suck on the toy or throw it across the room; it should always be up to safety standards to ensure your child is safe.

The importance of functional play is the stimulus brought by their repetitive actions of the play. It hones various mental and physical skills. It helps them develop a sense of understanding through playing.

Some other skills they can learn from the functional play are hand-eye coordination through putting together puzzle pieces, identification, and classification through colors and shapes, and introduction of concepts such as to cause and effect through hitting a ball against a wall.

Child’s play goes deeper than just entertainment for them. It also involves the development and honing the skills they learn.

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