Child and Your Dog to Each Other

Tips on Introducing Your Child and Your Dog to Each Other

Dogs are not just people’s pets; they are part of the family. They become the source of joy for some people, with others seeing them as lifetime companions. According to, when dogs have been with their humans for quite some time, and a baby suddenly gets in the picture, the introduction can feel awkward. To ease it up a bit, here are some tips for you to ensure a pleasant and bright introduction between the two.

Train Your Dog

Babies do not just appear out of the blue. The whole nine months of pregnancy are there to prepare the baby in your womb and you for his birth. Use this time to prepare your dog, as well. It’s better if your dog is aware of the upcoming big event in your lives.

Mind Your Energy

Your dog gets influenced by your energy so try to keep the atmosphere light and excited in anticipation of your new baby. Of course, you feel excited about seeing your child, but the stress of pregnancy for both parents can affect the atmosphere of the house, making it somber. This will make your dog feel like that there’s nothing to be joyous about, and he may consequently resent your new child. Make the birth of your child the celebration it truly is.

Impose Boundaries

Establish boundaries, especially in the nursery. The nursery is your baby’s safe place, and while dogs usually act as people’s guardians, you don’t want to shock them both by letting your dog roam around your child’s personal space. You may let your dog stay at the door during the adjustment period, then take it gradually from there.

Have Control Over the Introduction

Do not trust your one plan. In fact, have plans A, B, and C. Put safety measures, and make sure that everyone is ready for the introduction. Do not let any detail, no matter how small it is, to be handled by someone else. Take charge.

Train Your Baby, Too

It’s not just your dog that needs to be trained. Dogs react to people’s treatment of them, so it’s imperative that your child knows how to act whenever he’s with your dog. Train your child to do gestures your dog is only familiar with, just like how you trained your dog to be familiar with your kid. Do not let your child think that it’s okay to make sudden movements that might startle your loyal guardian.

Continue On The Routine

This one might be hard to do. Having a newborn baby will consume your energy almost every day, and so it might seem impossible to continue on your routine with your dog. That may be the case, but try to keep it still. There’s no need to pamper or baby your dog, you just need to stay on schedule with him to avoid him feeling neglected.

Don’t Rely on Breeds

A lot of people say that this breed is better or that breed is more ideal, but at the end of the day, understand that dogs are different from one another, just like how people are different from one another. Therefore, do not be complacent. Ask yourself if you can control your dog, not its breed, around your child.


Of course, dogs are to be loved. They are, after all, family. However, do not forget that your child is the priority. Therefore, should anything happen, be prepared to put your child to safety first.

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