Baby mops

Babies are Now Used as Human Mops

Tired parents are now quoting “Babies are no longer useless”.  The process is simple; babies are clothed with fluffy jumpers or pajamas with the addition of mop ends. Then, the babies are put on the floor so that whenever they move, they also clean the floor. View details at floorcleaningtools about the topic.

Baby mops are cute and economical

Babies that have worn these mop clothes really look cute. Many manufacturers even designed their products so that they resemble animals or even cartoon characters. One baby mop is designed to appear as Ursula, the main antagonist from the movie “The little mermaid”.

One advertisement even stated, “After babies are born, they surely are cute but, what can they do?” One person answered, “They just lie there, feed, be cute and cry!”

Until recently, babies can now be put to work as soon as they’re born because of these baby mops. They will not be just lying there, drinking their milk and being cute, they can also help clean the house with them continuing to be mischievous.

Risks of using baby mops

This might sound fun and cute but this also poses a risk for your babies. Yes, your babies might be cleaning the floor but they are also exposed to dust and germs that are present on the floor. The microorganisms present will easily get inside your baby’s mucus membranes, thus, causing diseases such as colds, fever or even flu. Harmful bacteria and viruses are present everywhere. They can irritate not only your babies’ noses but they can also cause skin allergies which can be dangerous if left untreated. In severe cases, hypersensitive babies that were exposed to these allergens had shown permanent damage to their health in general.

This is not the only reason why baby mops are dangerous for your babies. As research had stated, choking is one of the major reasons for baby and infant death. Small objects that are found on the floor can cause choking to your babies. Tiny toys or things left behind by adults pose a risk when babies are used as baby mops. Babies tend to put everything in their mouth, edible or not. If you are a responsible parent, would you rather put your baby in danger just because you are thinking of your finances?

Parents must take into consideration the possible dangers that their babies may encounter when they first thought that it is economical and cute to use baby as human mops. It may be cute to look at, but when the poor babies will have in contact with the disease-causing germs and able to choke on small objects, parents will surely regret that they had used their babies as human mops.

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