Children Safe Online

Keeping Your Children Safe Online

The internet is a great past time for you, your family, and friends. It is also a good option for you to communicate and keep in touch with your friends, family, or anyone you need to talk to. Unfortunately, the internet is also a source of danger which are mentioned here, not just to adults but also to the innocent kids.

There are many things happening and going on the internet. For one, stalkers are lurking behind their computers like a predator, waiting for a target to be swindled and fiddled. You should always secure yourself from those, especially vulnerable children. Here are some online advice to help keep your children safe from the dangers of the online world.

Tips to keep your children safe online

Be open to your children in talking about their activity when they are online

Whenever your child starts to use the internet, openly talk to them about their activity online – like what are they browsing, what are they reading online, who are they talking with, and etc. Educate them regarding websites that they could open and not, and gently remind the dos and don’ts when using the internet.

Put the screen of the device visible to your sight

Constantly check on your children’s online activity. Keep devices like home computers in a place where you can visibly see them, so you can also see as to what websites and applications your child is using. You might as well check the history of your browser as to what your child opens, and if there are sites that are inappropriate for them, talk to them, and educate them why it is improper for them to open such a website.

Try to ask and know who are your child’s friends online

Let’s deal with it, not everyone who is on the internet or online are honest; they might not even share their real information. Ask your child openly; get to know the people your child met online, and try to know if those people are spreading fraud, scam and etc.

Educate them to be careful and aware of what they should and should not share

When your children are into the social media world, you should tell your children what information to share and what not to share. They may not be able to fully understand the consequences if they do it; but at least, guide them every now and then, so you can monitor their internet activity. Teach them also what to post and not to post like news, information, and the like. Because they might now know the validity of the information and they might just be spreading hoax or fake news.

Be a good example to your children

If your child sees you are very cautious about how you use the internet, then your child will more likely follow what you do. So, be a good example for your children.

These are just some tips that you can use to keep your children safe online. These tips are very important as this will guide you on what are the things you need to do in order for you to properly keep your children protected from the negative effects of the internet.

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