Granite For Kids

Facts About Granite For Kids’ Understanding

Hello there kids! Have you noticed the black, hard surface on the tables of your kitchen? As you lean it while you watched your parents cook, have you noticed that it can handle your weight and maybe you wanted even to sit on it? It is same as countertops sealing on or any other granite related website.

Have you visited some beautiful memorial parks where influential people are commonly buried when they are dead? As you take time reading the names on the tombstone, did you notice that the stone is shiny and looks very elegant? It’s similar to the ones used in the kitchen tables, right?

That stone is called ‘granite’. It is used in many applications because it is well-known for its durability and elegance. To discover more of granite, we will discuss what is it and what are its common uses.


Granite is a feldspar-bearing igneous rock. To understand it further, we will define ‘feldspar’ and ‘igneous’.

Igneous rocks are one of the three classifications of rocks found on Earth. They are formed from the molten magma. Magma is a term meaning ‘melted rocks’ due to them being turned into the liquid inside the Earth’s surface such as volcanoes. Once the magma cools down, the rock formation is called igneous rock.

Igneous rocks take extremely hot temperatures before melting and therefore when cooled down, the rock composition can withstand the mere heat from a kitchen stove without any changes.

Feldspar is the group of rock-forming minerals found around 60 percent of the Earth’s crust. Feldspars form crystals, which in geological terms, is the reason for the rocks’ durability and hardness. Therefore, granite is very sturdy in shape and heat resistant. The colors and textures of granite depend on the amount and variety of minerals it contains.

The formation of granite due to the cooling of magma spans a long period of time. The sources of granite that most manufacturers utilized are formations from hundreds of millions of years ago. Even though it is common to use granite for building man-made objects and structures, it is expensive because it must undergo the following processes: mining from the quarry, transporting with its heavy load to the manufacturers and polishing by experts in order to be sold.


The reasons for using granite for building materials can be summarized into two: for durable functions and elegant appearance. Granites have been used even in historical structures. Among them are the Taj Mahal, found in India, and Mount Rushmore, found in the USA.

Locally, polished granites are used as kitchen countertops because it is resistant to many hazardous things like heat, water, stain and knife cuts. They are also strong enough to withstand any activity done normally in the kitchen and add a luxurious image.

Granites are also used as tiles for flooring and wall panels and pavements on the outdoor pathway and even public roads. They can be manufactured into either smooth or rough finishes. They not only provide a sophisticated appearance but also are sturdy enough to contain the pressure exerted from people walking and vehicles moving.

To use granite, one must consider how long the structure should last, what cost is allotted for its construction and how functional is it.

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