Buying Stroller

Tips when Buying Stroller

A stroller is an essential thing to have when you have a baby because it makes parent life a lot easier. Parents need to get more information so they can move around freely with the baby while on strollers without tiring themselves.

There are several strollers out in the market with different colors, designs, and types. However, there are several factors to be considered when buying one.

Here is the list of things you have to consider before buying one.

Consider your needs

Do you need a stroller good for outdoor walks? Then you have to choose a sturdy stroller preferably with a lightweight umbrella. This can also be considered when traveling to far places. When you want to have a jog together with your baby, then buy a jogging stroller since you cannot simply run with a regular stroller.

Consider the accessories

There can be a lot of accessories that may go with your baby’s stroller such as storage basket, smartphone holders, drinking pods, or weather shields. You might want to search for strollers’ accessories because you might need some of it. Just take note that not all accessories are compatible with all strollers so consider checking out the accessories you need before buying one.

Consider your family members

You may opt to get a double stroller if you have twins or an older child which makes it convenient for you especially when going outdoors.

Stroller for Newborns

Check if your baby’s stroller can be reclined or can be on bassinet mode. This is important because infants cannot hold up their heads so they have to be placed in a lying position. There are also strollers that have neck controls which is suitable for infants. You can attach optional accessories such as a bassinet or a car seat for your strollers. Also, jogging strollers are not good for infants because they cannot be reclined.

Travel System

This is made up of two components: infant car seat and coordinating stroller. This is helpful from the first car trip of your baby up to their toddler years. It makes it easier for you to bring your baby with every travel you might have. With a travel system, you can also move your baby from the stroller to the car safely because you don’t have to carry them out of their seat. There are car seats that match with strollers while some need attachments for the stroller to be used in the car. Take note that experts do not recommend letting your child sleep in a car seat for two hours or more.

Stroller Features to Consider


Easy to operate breaks is a must. There are strollers that let you lock two wheels but make sure that your child would not be able to reach the release lever for breaks.


Single footrest is recommended than separate footrests if you have double strollers. Their small feet may be trapped between the separate footrest and also, choose the one that extends up to their sitting areas.


Keep in mind that a stroller with a wide base is safer because it has a low probability of tipping over.

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