Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety Tips Every Parent Ought to Know

Car seats are literally life-savers for a number of great reasons. When used properly, it can save your children from suffering the different forms of impacts of car accidents. For this reason, we have done abritax vs dionocomparision so you will have the proper knowledge of how to use it.

Listed below are a few significant reminders for parents regarding kids car seats.

  1. Car seats should always be in the back seat.

Children under 13 years of age are highly recommended to be at the backseat during car rides. This basically keeps children farther away from the sides of the car that gets the most impact during collisions. Therefore, children should only be sitting at the backseat regardless of whether they are still using a car seat or not.

  1. Car seats should only be used in the car.

As its name suggests, car seats are specifically designed to be used by children in the car. It is extremely important for parents to know that it is a big no-no to use car seats to put babies to sleep in.

According to the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics, car seats are the most dangerous for kids if they are not used in the car.

  1. Take note of the minimum and maximum weight requirements.

Some car seats are appropriate for infants as light as 4 pounds. On the other hand, others have a minimum weight requirement of 5 pounds and the max limits can range between 20 to 60 pounds.

When shopping for car seats, think about whether you would prefer one that is specifically made for infants and you don’t mind buying a bigger one later on, or would you rather go for an all-in-one.

  1. Infants should only be in car seats for a short time period.

Researchers suggest putting off long rides with babies under a month old. However, if you really need to go on a long trip, it is best to go for frequent stops to get the baby out of the car seat and allow him or her to have a good stretch.

  1. Take off bulky suits before putting the kids in car seats.

Before buckling the kids in their car seats, it is recommended to take off bulky clothes such as coats or snowsuits as they can compress during a car crash leaving the seat straps too loose.

Whenever you take road trips in cold weather situations, it is suggested to dress kids in layers instead of putting on bulky coats.

  1. The rear-facing position is the safest for children.

Children are at their safest in the car when they are sitting rear-faced. The AAP says that there is no age limit signaling the kids to be sat in the car facing front as it solely depends on their size. If you wish to keep your kids in the rear-facing position for as long as you can, there are car seats that offer weight limits of up to 65 pounds.


Aside from all the tips mentioned above, you must also strictly follow the instructions provided by the car seat you have. Furthermore, make sure to only invest in top-quality kids car seats that meet the minimum safety standards.

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