Baby Ballet

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    Your little one my have only just mastered the art of walking, but believe it or not, now is a great time to join a Baby Ballet Class near you, and it is not just for girls!

    Baby Ballet
    In recent years Baby Ballet has become a very popular activity for babies from six months. Gone are all the formalities of traditional ballet! In its place is a warm friendly environment where your child can have fun!

    At six months your child can enjoy a Baby Ballet class along with you, which combines movements, activities, props, music and musical instruments. They will also learn body awareness and self-control, whilst discovering a new world of socialising with other little ones.

    This is a wonderful activity for baby so why not give it a go, you will enjoy it too!

    How to find a Baby Ballet Class?

    To find a Baby Ballet class and other baby activities near you, take a look at your local parenting classes pageSmall Steps Magazine or Local Events Calendar

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