Baby Sign language

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    Baby sign language or baby signing is just as it sounds, signing with your baby! It uses a combination of gestures and sounds to help you understand your baby.

    Babies understand so much before they can talk! From as early as 6 to 9 months old, babies can begin to tell you what they want, what they are thinking about and how they feel. For example they may point, shake their heads, clap their hands and wave "bye-bye". Now is a good time to introduce some extra gestures to help your baby communicate. It's easy to do and your baby will really enjoy it! Why not try milk, up, change nappy, or tired?

    Baby signing is wonderfully rewarding and great fun. You will be amazed by what your baby is capable of telling you before being able to talk!
    Baby Signing
    Baby Signing benefits include:
    • Helping to understand your baby's needs
    • Reducing frustration (for baby and you!)
    • Enhancing early vocabulary and understanding
    • Encouraging the development of speech
    • Strengthening your bond with your baby
    • Building confidence (for baby and you!)

    There are many baby signing classes available, so why not go along to one and give it a go! Classes are also a wonderful way for your baby to interact with other babies and it is a good way for you to meet other parents with children a similar age. 

    How to find a Baby Signing class?

    To find a Baby Signing class and other baby activities near you, take a look at your local parenting classes pageSmall Steps Magazine or Local Events Calendar

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