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    Sep 12 2016

    SwimFin is for all strokes!

    Did you know that you can use SwimFin for every swimming stroke, even back stroke? Although you wear SwimFin on your back, it can be highly effective for correcting front stroke swimming errors as well as aiding swimmers in balancing and floating to work towards a strong, confident back stroke. 

    Sep 05 2016

    Getting into the water with SwimFin

    If this is your child's first experience in the water wearing their SwimFin, take it slow! It's not a race to get in the water. Particularly if your child is a bit wary or apprehensive, it's important to keep the entire experience a positive one. Allow your child to explore the pool area while wearing their SwimFin. Show them the pool, where you will be entering the water and reassure them that you will stay with them the entire time. You may want to sit, poolside and dangle your feet in the water and encourage your child to do the same. Perhaps a fun game of kicking and splashing would be a great way to get your child a bit wet and having fun. 

    Aug 29 2016

    Our SwimFin story

    Our SwimFin story began in the late 1980s. Kevin Moseley was a self-employed swimming instructor. Just for fun, he took a couple of old foam swimming floats and made a fin that could be tied on to his back. At the end of lessons with a group of kids he would put on the fin for a few minutes of play time to reward the children for their efforts during the session. The kids always enjoyed it when Kevin would chase the kids around the pool, giving some practical use for the swimming skills the kids had been working on namely, not getting caught by the 'shark' in the water. 

    Sep 09 2015

    Choosing a Nursery Doesn’t Have to be Hard

    If it’s nearly time to send your little one off to nursery – we feel your pain. It’s up there with moving house and starting a new job on the stress scale, but it really doesn’t have to be.

    Oct 01 2014

    The Melting Pot – the babies’ birthday.

    It has to be said that on a typical year, I can normally account for almost every day of magic and mayhem, fun and fiasco, the highs and the lows when musing retrospectively. But looking back on this year since the twins were born, I actually don’t know where the time has gone at all! This last twelve months of motherhood to two new babies has been an absolute joy as they are- thankfully- sweet natured and generally calm little fellows, but I could never have predicted that my workload would decide to fly into overdrive from virtually the moment they’d appeared and fill every living minute since!
    Aug 19 2014

    Birthdays, Book Sales and Bumper Cars

    After the unmitigated mayhem that had been June, I had been anticipating an equally crazy July. Boxing gloves and full body armour at the ready, I charged into the final weeks of school term determined to keep my sanity with the beautiful light of the summer holidays in full view. The weeks flew by at a rate of knots as the two older boys attended a never ending relay of school sports days and end of year shows for parents to enjoy. Despite ticking along with copy edits, news reports and articles, I was able to show full support at all events along with the babies. We even managed the odd balmy afternoon of picnicking with friends and blackberry picking for a teatime crumble as a treat. The babies, now 10 months old, chattering and aware of everything, found all this excitement enormously entertaining and took full advantage of everyone’s attention whilst we were out and about.
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