10 Top Tips for a Successful Bedtime Routine

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    Sleeping and nap times are really important for both your baby and you! We hope these tips will give you the very best baby snoozes!!

    10 Top Tips for a Successful Bedtime Routine
    1. A warm bath and a relaxing massage before his or her bed time feed.
    2. Avoid over-stimulation and keep the nursery calm at bedtime.
    3. Once fed and winded settle your baby in their bed before they falls asleep. In doing this you are teaching them to self-soothe.
    4. It’s important for your baby not to over-heat while sleeping once swaddled. If required use a light cotton blanket tucking in securely.
    5. The recommended temperature for your baby’s nursery is between 18-21 degrees.
    6. If you use a night light in the nursery you can check on your baby without disturbing him or her.
    7. If your baby uses a pacifier in the early weeks? You can use while it settling them but stay with them gently stroking their head and just before they fall asleep. Remove the pacifier to avoid it falling out and waking your baby.
    8. A baby will naturally come in to a light sleep around 45 minutes after settling. Try to avoid interrupting his or her sleep cycle and they will learn to re-settle on their own.
    9. If your baby wakes up during the evening try to settle them in the nursery with low lighting and voices.
    10. As part of your baby’s bedtime routine include a story or a few songs. Your baby is never too young and will love hearing your voice!
    Tips written by Vickie from The Baby Academy, set up to help you and your baby offering sleep training, workshops, parent coaching and more.

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