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    Watch our show where we’ll be busting myths about poo and other children’s continence problems

    Is poo taboo? Poo problems are common in many children and are most prevalent in pre-school children. In most cases a child suffering with a poo problem is actually suffering from constipation, which is when they poo less than 4 times a week. As parents, tackling the subject and identifying whether there is a problem with your child’s pooing habits can be difficult. And it’s not just pooing that can be problematic, other continence issues such as daytime and night time wetting are also a problem for many children and can be related to a child’s pooing issues.

    Joining us in this show about childhood constipation and other bladder and bowel problems is Doctor Ranj – who not only is the co-creator and presenter of the CBeebies' show ‘Get Well Soon’, and presenter of the kids' health segment on ITV’s This Morning, he’s also the only TV doctor who specialises in children, young people and families and is the face of the ‘Let’s Talk About Poo’ campaign led by the children’s continence charity, ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence).

    We’ll be dispelling the myths about poo and other continence problems, everything from warning signs to look out for, how to deal with re-occurring problems, what treatments are available, and where to go for specialist help.

    Whatever the reason for your child’s poo problem, whether it’s because they are finding it difficult to adapt to challenging situations such as starting school or they are nervous to ask to go to the loo at a friend’s house, Doctor Ranj will arm you with all the help and encouragement you need to handle your child’s pooing and wetting problems.

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    Is Poo Taboo