Kumon's Maths and English Unlock Their Potential

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    At your local Kumon study centre, children of all ages and abilities are realising their unlimited potential. Through studying the unique maths and English study programmes, each child develops the independent learning skills and confidence required to excel academically and experience ongoing success.

    The Kumon programmes help early learners to get off to a confident start by building key study skills such as rhythm, pace and accuracy as well as developing a daily study habit and a passion for learning. The earlier a child begins studying with Kumon the earlier they can acquire the skills to obtain the greatest cumulative benefit. Over time, Kumon empowers the child to succeed on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment that fosters further achievement.

    Kumon's maths and English study programmes are tailored to the needs of each child ensuring that they study at a level that is right for them. As well as attending the study centre, students have daily worksheets to continue their learning at home.

    Before enrolling, your child will benefit from a Free Assessment. This will determine where on the programmes they will begin and ensures that your child's Kumon study is individualised to their needs from the outset. Once enrolled, your child will start at a level they are comfortable with and will than continue studying daily at their own pace. They will then be challenged with something new, applying what they have already learned to solve work they have never seen before. It is through this experience that the seeds of self-confidence are sown and children feel able to discover and succeed by themselves.

    Not only are maths and English key to academic success but the skills and self-learning abilities they gain through the programmes will stand your little one in good stead for more advanced work and the pressures of homework, coursework and timed exams.

    Your local Coventry West Kumon Centre has been open since March 2007 and is run by Instructor Zahra Ahari. Zahra is passionate about giving young children the skills and confidence they need to maximise their potential. The study centre is located at the Xcel Leisure Centre on Mitchell Avenue with classes taking place on Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm.

    Zahra explains:
    "I became an Instructor after having been a Kumon parent myself for almost ten years. My son was in year four and my daughter was in year one when we first embarked on our Kumon journey. Both of them enjoyed learning at their own pace and the years to come were filled with success, both academically and socially.

    "I am passionate about instructing children in the Kumon Method and there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the look on the face of a young person when they are proud of their achievement."

    To give your child a head start, call Zahra on 024 77220345 or email and book your Free Assessment.
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