Potty Training Tips

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    Julie Morris, the developer of my wee friend, has years of experience with Potty Training. Being a proud mum of six children,

    Julie has kindly agreed to pass on her best Potty Training tips.

    Introduce the potty well before training starts. Have the potty in the bathroom from birth so that at bath times and changing times the potty is a familiar item. Allow your child to play ‘potty games’ with the potty and various toys going  ‘wee wee’.

    Let your child sit on the potty with a nappy on to allay any fears. “Don’t make your child sit on the potty for more than a few moments, if your child wants to get up even after not doing a ‘wee’, allow this and praise the child for just sitting on the potty. When the first ‘wee’ is done lots of praise in the form of clapping, singing, dancing are all ways to congratulate your child.

    The use of my wee friend is an added bonus and reward that every child will love and gives that extra bit  of encouragement for continuous potty use. My Wee Friend is an adhesive disc that fits into the inner of a fat bottomed potty.

    It appears black until your child does a ‘wee’ into the potty.

    My Wee Friend will instantly reward with a friendly smiling face encouraging more potty use.

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