The Healthy Portion Plate

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    A hectic modern lifestyle means that we don’t have as much time as we’d like, especially when it comes to planning healthy meals. There are so many fad diets out there which involve endlessly counting calories or eliminating certain food groups and often the complex nature of these diets lead to short term weight loss but not sustainable long term change.

    One of the key ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is through portion control. The concept is easy: if you eat less, you consume fewer calories and by combining this with regular exercise you're on the right track.

    While it's important to not eat too much of any particular type of food, it's also equally important to avoid eating too little. If you can, learn about the recommended serving sizes of various types of food, and do your best to adhere to them. This will ensure that you are eating a proper amount and that your body is fully nourished.

    But in a world where big is better and we serve overflowing plates of food, it's tough to figure out what a "normal" portion size is. It is very easy to overeat when oversized portions are all around us. While most of us know the basics about nutrition, do we know exactly how much we eat at meal times?

    The Healthy Portion Plate is split into carefully measured sections to enable you to control your portion sizes. It will help you make some simple lifestyle changes that will make your diet healthier and help you lose weight. We know how easy it is to eat more than you need to. Don't worry if you slip up, just take it one meal or snack at a time. You'll soon find that you will establish a routine and adjust to eating smaller amounts and soon you will develop a habit that is a more natural and healthy way of eating. The best part is you will look and feel fantastic!

    The idea with The Healthy Portion Plate is to focus on healthy eating as part of a healthier lifestyle, without the obsessive nature of dieting. This way you can incorporate the plate into any meal time and not feel conscious that you’re cutting down the amount you eat.

    The Healthy Portion Plate is now used across the world by thousands of people including the NHS and is seeing some great weight loss results, so why not give it a go yourself!

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    The Healthy Portion Plate