Top Ten Books for 1 – 2 years olds

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    Get your child excited about books: 1 to 2 year olds.

    Raise a book lover with our quick tips and book recommendations for reading to 1 to 2 year olds;

    Reading books for 1-2 year olds is one of life's most rewarding experiences. The joy of sharing stories for children helps spark their imagination and opens minds. When choosing the best books for one to two year olds, look for books which will stimulate the senses. Are they visual and colourful? Can you touch and feel different textures? Are there sounds to listen out for? Are there sturdy flaps to lift and look behind? Can parents make different voices and sounds when reading the books? Are they fun? Will they make your child giggle and laugh?

    Read on for suggestions of the best books for 1-2 year olds.

    Wheres Spot

     Where’s Spot – Eric Hill.
    Search for the mischievous puppy by lifting the flaps on every page to see where he is hiding. The simple text and colourful pictures will engage a whole new generation of pre-readers as they lift the picture flaps in search of Spot.
    Ladybird Lift-the-Flap Book: Busy Farm

    Ladybird Lift-the-Flap Book: Busy Farm – Amanda Archer
    All busy toddlers will love exploring this bright lift-the-flap board book from Ladybird. Looking at the pictures together, lifting the flaps and talking about what is happening will help your child to develop observation and early language skills.

    Say Hello to the Animals – Ian Whybrow Say Hello to the Animals – Ian Whybrow
    Look who's hiding under those sticks. Say hello to the fluffy chicks.
    Follow the friendly puppy as he scampers around the farmyard saying hello to all the animals. Toddlers will love to stroke the soft, velvety animals and to join in making their noises.
    The Bedtime Bear: A Pop-up Book for Bedtime – Ian Whybrow

    The Bedtime Bear: A Pop-up Book for Bedtime – Ian Whybrow
    Bedtime isn't bedtime without a bear, but who knows where the Bedtime Bear spends his day? With flaps to lift, wheels to turn and a pop-up on every spread, follow one little bear's adventures on his whacky way to bed!


    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See
    – Eric Carle.
    Exuberantly coloured artwork and favourite animals make this rhythmic story the perfect introduction to looking and learning about colours, Eric Carle is an internationally bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of books for very young children.

    Goodnight Moon

    Goodnight Moon
    – Margaret Wise Brown.
    This classic of modern children's literature, beloved by generations of readers and listeners. The quiet poetry of the words and the gentle, lulling illustrations combine to make a perfect book for the end of the day.

    Guess How Much I Love You

    Guess How Much I Love You
    – Sam McBratney
    The story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hares' efforts to express their love for each other has become a publishing phenomenon. This lovely story is one that children will ask for time and again.

    Meg and Mog books

    Meg & Mog series
    – Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski.
    Meg and Mog books are the spellbinding creation of author Helen Nicoll and award-winning illustrator Jan Pienkowski. The bold illustrations in this witty board book will entrance youngsters from 1 and the simplicity of the story will make it an enduring favourite with young toddlers and their parents.

    The Going to Bed Book

    The Going to Bed Book
    – Sandra Boynton.
    No child likes going to bed and as every parent knows, their little treasures will try and delay it for as long as possible! Discover all the antics children get up to before going to bed, in this hilarious board book, written and illustrated in Boynton's own unique humourous style. The perfect way to read kids to sleep!

    This Is The Bear

    This Is The Bear
    – Sarah Hayes.
    The boy, the bear and the dog are the best of friends. But one day the bear gets lost and has to be searched for high and low. In This is the Bear and the Scary Night, the bear gets accidentally left behind in the park and has a scary night adventure! These delightful picture books are two of four in an early reader series that has been a huge success in schools and libraries.

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