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Child Safety Week

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    Improving Child Safety – for babies, toddlers and young children.

    Did you know that the majority of accidents that occur in the home are easily preventable?

    Child Safety Week takes place over one week every year. This year it will be 6-12 June and our theme for 2016 will be "Turn off technology!"

    “Did you know?” facts…..
    • A baby’s skin is 15 times thinner than yours. That’s why they can easily get very badly burned.
    • A hot drink can scald a young child 15 minutes after it’s been made.
    • Medical professionals count bath water scalds as one of the worst injuries a child can suffer.
    • It can take just 5 seconds for a toddler to suffer a severe scald from water from the bath hot tap.
    • Hair straighteners get as hot as your iron and can hold their heat for up to eight minutes after they are switched off.
    • It can take just seconds for some three or four year olds to open child-resistant tops. They’re not childproof!
    • Everyday painkillers and other medicines are the most common way for young children to be poisoned.
    • Cleaning products and DIY chemicals can be very dangerous if children drink them. To a toddler even the cleaner left at the side of the toilet can look interesting enough to drink.
    • Children’s throats are narrow so can be blocked more easily than an adult’s, anything smaller than the diameter of a two pence piece can cause a child to choke.
    • Pieces of food are the most common cause of children choking.
    • Choking can be silent with no sound to warn you that something is wrong.
    Child Safety Week 2016

    A theme for all – Turn off technology for safety

    The Child Safety Week theme puts accident prevention into a context that families can relate to.  It makes starting conversations easier and avoids parents feeling talked down to or singled out.

    This Child Safety Week we are asking families to pledge to ‘Turn off technology for safety’.  The use of technology, especially smartphones, is universal. This means the theme offers an opener to engage with families across the board, including those most at risk from accidents.

    Accidents often happen when we’re distracted. Serious accidents can happen alarmingly quickly, taking us by surprise.

    By turning off technology at crucial times in the day, parents can give their children their focus and so keep them safer when pressures mount. Young people can stay safer too by turning off technology at certain points in the day.

    Switching your phone off or to silent from 5-6pm for instance, is not a big ask, but it means one less distraction for busy parents. It also gives children the message that they are the focus. And it sets a good example to children and young people that it is good to turn off when crossing the road or other times when you need to concentrate to stay safe

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