Improving Child Safety– How Can We All Help

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    As part of Child Safety Week 2012, Small Steps are working with the Safe Network to highlight how we can all help to improve baby, toddler and child safety.Improving Child Safety how can we all help

    All children and young people have the right to feel safe. They should be able to enjoy participating in activities outside the home and to take proportionate risks, which are an essential part of growing up. The majority of the estimated eight million children taking part in out-of-home activities do so safely, yet a minority are at risk from those responsible for their care.

    As parents and carers, it is never too early to start thinking about the safety of your children – this could be in relation to preventing accidents, teaching them about their own safety or checking out the groups where they go to when they’re not with you.

    The Safe Network can help you with many of these things…

    What is the Safe Network?

    The Safe Network is the dedicated safeguarding unit for the community and voluntary sector in England and is funded by the Department for Education and the NSPCC until March 2013.

    We are made up of three organisations –
    1. the NSPCC
    2. Children England 
    3. the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). 

    While a lot of our work is in relation to providing information and advice to small or medium-sized groups who work with children, we also have a range of things designed specifically for parents and carers – ideas of what to expect from groups, questions to ask, advice on bullying, etc, etc.

    We have worked with many other organisations to develop information and resources that are relevant to different groups or issues. Examples include –

    BeatBullying – advice for parents and carers on bullying and on-line safety
    National young farmers – issues to consider for children living in rural communities
    Family Lives – advice and support for parents and carers

    Accessing Safe Network’s free safeguarding resources

    The Safe Network website is free to access and, once you have registered, you can read through all the pages you want and download many resources.

    Many parents and carers also volunteer in their spare time, work with children or are members of clubs and community or religious groups so the resources available on the website will also be really helpful in these situations.

    Our resources include information sheets and guidance on best practice, access to free or low-cost basic child protection training for small groups or volunteers, a specialist training programme for working with BME communities, case studies and many other downloadable resources. If you are involved in working or volunteering with children, you may also be interested in signing up for our free, monthly e-newsletter

    Our specific pages for parents and carers can be found here –

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