Summer Safety in the Sun

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    Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun…

    We all enjoy long sunny days…the sun makes you feel good by supplying the body with vitamin D, however, it is important to protect against harmful rays. For most people, sun cream is the ‘go to’ solution for protection against sunburn, but this is only part of the solution as UV rays can penetrate clothing unless UPF clothing is worn, even in the UK.


    Protect the ones you love…


    Over-exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburn, skin damage and an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Continued over-exposure for many years, especially in children, can increase a person’s risk of developing skin cancer in later life. Particular care should be taken with young children’s exposure to the sun.

    “frequent sun exposure and sunburn in childhood appears to set the stage for higher rates of melanoma (skin cancer) in later life“. World Health Organisation


    • Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK
    • More people die from skin cancer in the UK than in Australia
    • Over the last twenty-five years, rates of Melanoma in Britain have risen faster than any other common cancer.
    • Over 80% of all skin cancers are caused by over-exposure to the sun and/or sun beds
    • 7 people currently die each day as a result of skin cancer in the UK! There more than 46,000 new cases of skin cancer in the UK each year.
    • There is a year on year increase in the number of skin cancers diagnosed.

    The level of UV light today is higher than it was 50 years ago because of the reduction of ozone in the earth’s atmosphere. Ozone serves as a filter to screen out and reduce the amount of UV light that we are exposed to. With less atmospheric ozone, a higher level of UV light reaches the earth’s surface.
    Skin cancer is a hazard for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sunlight. Children should be able to play care free in the sun.

    UV sun protection clothing specialists,, have a complete range of UV clothing with maximum protection of UPF 50+. This blocks 97,5% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.


    Sun smart clothing…


    The best way to protect children from the sun when they are at the beach, pool or just outside, is to cover them up in clothing or swimwear that blocks harmful rays.  For clothing to be able to block the sun’s harmful rays it needs to have a UPF or Ultra Violet Protection Factor (SPF or Sun Protection factor relates to sunscreen not clothing).  The higher the UPF the higher the protection from UV rays. UPF 50+ gives maximum coverage

    Cover up your kids with a hat, rash top and board shorts from so there’s more water time for your kids and less worry time for you!

    And remember to cover up if you are walking or gardening in the Spring and Summer, even in the UK with sun loving style from

    Be safe in the sun wherever you are.

    Check out AVANA-Collection Pinterest Sun protection Board for more helpful info

    Carry a pocket size Sunsense roll-on sun cream with you at all times.

    The Sunsense cream fits easily in your bag, useful for days out when it starts off cloudy and then the sun comes out. Perfect size to pack in school bags too so older kids can apply their own cream when at school.

    Don’t forget sun hats whether you are at home or abroad.

    Wide brimmed sun hats and legionnaire style hats are ideal to wear to school and in the water.

    Wear good UV sun glasses

    Eyes are so vulnerable; make sure you use sun glasses tested to UV 400. Kids Banz glasses with adjustable straps stay on younger children, J Banz and Squids suit older children.

    Try to stay out of the sun at least between 11-3pm

    Either by hiring or buying a big parasol or investing in a UV tent which will shield the family from harmful UV rays.

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