Which Car Seat?

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    Seat Belts Saves Lives. 
    For your own and others' safety, the law requires you to use a seat belt, and for babies and children to use an appropriate restraint. Children under 12 years must be seated in an appropriate child safety seat or high backed booster seat, unless they are 135cm in height or over. An "appropriate" restraint is one suitable for the child's weight, height and their physical development.    

    Which Car Seat

    National research shows that more than 50% of children are not being transported in cars correctly. In some regions up to 90% of child seats have been found to be incorrectly fitted or incompatible with the vehicle in which they were installed.


    See links for further information.
    The "Good Egg Guide to In-Car Safety" includes information on the law, Seat Guide, Buying Guide, Check-list, and links to translations of the information.
    Film clips on why car seats are essential, choosing and fitting infant Carries and Car Seats, and the law relating to seatbelts and car seats.
    Allows you to search by post code area for stores that carry the Britax Excellence logo for product and safety training. 
    HTS BeSafe AS is a Norwegian company founded in Krøderen, where the head office and one of the company’s factories are located. HTS BeSafe AS is a leading company when it comes to the development and manufacturing of high quality car seats for children as well as other road safety products.

    When not in the Car:

    Remember, our children copy US! It's never too early to start talking to your child about road safety. Explain what traffic is, that traffic uses the road and people who are walking use the pavement. Use the Green Cross Code and set a good example by using safer crossing places correctly with your child. Always hold hands with younger children. 
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