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    Often mum's feel if you want to breastfeed, you simply put baby to the breast and away you go.  Sometimes this is the case, particularly if birth is unmedicated and uneventful; however often it’s more of a learning curve for both mum and baby, particularly if birth was long or assisted.


    Knowing what to add to your birth plan, what to expect in the early days, good positions to hold baby, how to tell if they are getting enough, how to avoid sore nipples and ensure you have enough milk – can be invaluable for parents in the early days when everything is new.  It’s much easier to get to grips with the basics beforehand rather than when you have a newborn. Books or internet resources are popular, whilst others prefer in person support from a group or on a 1-2-1 basis such as those we offer at


    Support Is also key and dad, partner or family being on board can make a huge difference, so be sure to include them too. All our 1-2-1 sessions welcome dads or partners and we even offer a session just  for them!

    Don’t be afraid to get help:

    There is support out there if you experience problems, and sometimes the tiniest tweak can make a huge difference; breastfeeding counselors and Lactation consultants train for several years or more, specializing in helping to resolve the vast majority of problems.

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