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    The development of ultrasound imaging has been one of the greatest advances in medical science. Allowing practitioners to ‘see’ inside the human body, safely, painlessly and without surgery, has brought untold benefits to millions, providing essential information for diagnosis or assessment.

    In the past, this facility has generally only been available as part of a medical regime, due in part to the cost of the equipment and the extensive training needed to operate it. However, dedicated specialist scanning company Ultrasound Direct/Babybond have allowed affordable quality private ultrasound in the West Midlands to be accessible to everyone. Babybond have provided private pregnancy scans since 1998, offering parents-in-waiting the opportunity to see and keep images of their unborn child. These scans begin as early as 7 weeks gestation with an Early Scan. There are also a Nuchal Translucency scan, Gender scan, Anomaly scan, 4D scans and Growth scans offered throughout the pregnancy.

    The clinic has broadened its scope in recent years by offering both male and female clients access to a comprehensive portfolio of imaging examinations designed to fit their medical issues. Under the Ultrasound Direct banner, competitively priced, professionally administered scans are available to most people over the age of 16. If a patient is referred by a GP, or you have chosen to book yourself, Ultrasound Direct provides a fast-track means of acquiring the relevant scans quickly, relieving pressure on NHS facilities and eliminating the often lengthy wait for a hospital appointment.

    The pregnancy scanning remains a hugely popular aspect of the services offered, but we can now offer everyone the power to take control of their health concerns. Women can now access everything from pregnancy scans through to a whole range of other examinations covering abdominal, pelvic (including infertility screens) and vascular scans.

    Ultrasound Direct is not a substitute for established medical procedures; in fact the service is designed to complement and work alongside NHS services. The company seeks to empower the individual by allowing access to the very best in scan technology, promoting heath and well-being and delivering accurate results quickly. For an appointment, call 01746 764111 or visit or to book directly online.

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