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    Fitness pointers

    We’ve teamed up with who offer affordable personal training for mums, in the comfort of your own home, to give us their Top Tips on achieving your personal fitness goals.

    1. For new mums, don’t rush into exercise, leave it 6 weeks until after your first doctor/baby check up..there’s no hurry, and you’ll be tired at this point. You don’t need any other added pressures!
    2. If you are a mum whose kids are grown up – again, unless you have a personal trainer to go over everything and do the necessary checks, its good practice to see your doctor first and get the all ok.
    3. If you are new to fitness...take it slowly and progress at your own speed.
    4. Do an exercise that you ENJOY! You are much more likely to carry on doing it/look forward to it!
    5. Also switch it up. Keep changing your routine/exercise type regularly to keep you interested. This also helps keep your body guessing, which means you burn more calories.
    6. Unless you have a pt (like me ) to get you going, see if you can encourage a friend/family member to workout with you. This helps with motivation plus it can be more fun when there’s two of you to keep you going.
    7. 30 mins is all you need, and if times short you could even do 3 x 10 minute bursts! Just make sure every minute counts and you give your all. Ideally you should aim to do 30 mins 3-4 times a week.
    8. Be specific – weights and yoga for strength, cardio and weights for weightloss, weights for toning.
    9. Weights (see above)...get results! Include them in any new fitness regime.
    10. Safety. Wear appropriate workout clothing and footwear, keep hydrated and keep an eye on your should be ok to carry on talking but shouldn’t be gasping for air in-between words, and you shouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation at great length! Aim to work at a level of circa 7/8 out of 10.
    11.  Always make sure you stretch off properly after exercising to prevent muscle soreness/tightness and injuries. A post workout stretch should last for a good 20 seconds minimum and until you feel the muscle tightness release.
    12. Have a goal, this will help you have purpose and something to work towards.
    13. Do not use weight as guidance – This can be quite a negative and obsessive tool. Make fitness your aim, not weight loss, and you will be more likely to remain positive and motivated. See any weight loss experienced as a happy by-product. Also, if you put on more muscle mass (which you should) you may lose inches but not so llbs.
    14.  Where possible, exercise outdoors. This will help release more ‘feel good’ endorphins and will help banish any ‘baby blues’. I take my 20 month old out for a run in her pram (you need a good 3 wheeler). To begin with start with walking fast for 3 mins, then run for a minute and slowly build up the running time...this will help you and your child get used to this exercise.

    Finally, HAVE FUN!! That should be what exercise and getting fit is all about. Enjoy!
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