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    Babies love to be carried close; your warmth, familiar scent and gentle movement is soothing and can reduce the symptoms of colic & reflux and aid sleep. Carrying your baby in a good quality sling protects their spine, hips and cranium from stresses in early life. Choosing the right sling can make all the difference to comfortably carrying your baby.

    With so many varied styles (in a dazzling array of gorgeous designs and patterns) trying out different slings and learning more about how they work can be helpful in choosing a carrier that will be the most comfortable and supportive.

    Quick guide to sling types
    These all maintain the best ergonomic position, holding baby from knee to knee, to support their neck, spine and hips as well as distributing their weight comfortably for the wearer.

    Wraps - stretchy and woven:
    A long piece of carefully crafted and tested material either made from soft stretchy jersey or supportive, flexible woven cotton, linen or bamboo. Can be tied in versatile ways. Stretchy wraps are convenient and cosy for newborns up to about 1 year. Woven wraps can be used for front and back carries from birth up to 3 years.

    Mei tai:
    An Asian inspired carrier that holds baby in a patterned or plain panel supported by wide straps and a waist band. Suitable from newborn to around 3 years.

    Buckle carrier (ssc):
    A modern style 'soft, structured carrier' that still creates the deep supportive seat but is quickly put on and off the front and back using strong, safety tested buckles. Often from newborn up to 3-4 years.

    Ring slings and pouches:
    Hammocks of fabric that go over one shoulder. They can be used for front and hip carries and are quick to put on, great for busy toddlers. Popular for discreet breastfeeding and suitable from birth - 3 years. Ring slings are adjustable whereas pouches are made in differing lengths to suit the carrier's body size.

    When using any sling or carrier follow the safety guidelines: TICKS

    T - tight (tighten fabric, straps or buckles so baby is held in as close as possible)
    I - in sight at all times (never cover baby's face with fabric)
    C - close enough to kiss (baby's head should be high enough on parents' chest that they can easily kiss the top)
    K - keep chin off chest (baby is not squashed into such a tight position that their chin rests on their chest)
    S - support back and hips (sling material creates a deep seat to support baby from knee to knee)

    For more information, for hiring a sling or to book a 1:1 consultation visit: or call Nicole on 07932461510
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