Parental Responsibility

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    Parental Responsibility can be a confusing issue so we asked Makin Dixon Solicitors, the Family Law Specialists to help explain the facts:

    • All births must be registered within 42 days of the child being born. If the child was born after 1 December 2003 and the father of the child is named on the birth certificate as father, then he will have Parental Responsibility for the child. This is also the case if he is married to the mother.
    • Parental Responsibility gives fathers legal rights including making decisions about names, education , religion and medical consent.
    • If the father is not on the birth certificate and is not married to the mother, the father can only get Parental Responsibility by a formal agreement with the mother or by an application to Court. 
    • Mothers always have Parental Responsibility and only adoption can take it away. 

    If you have any doubts about your rights or have queries about contact and residence issues, please contact Makin Dixon Solicitors, Family Law Specialists on 0330 30 31 999.

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