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    There is an awful lot to think about when choosing the name of your baby boy, especially when it comes to what's popular and what's not.

    On one hand, you may want to choose a baby boy name that's been popular in recent years or to help your child fit in. On the other hand, if you want your little one to stand out from the crowd, then looking at our unusual baby boy name list will help you avoid those playground favourites.

    Find the perfect name for your baby boy by browsing our lists below.

    Top 10 baby boy names in England and Wales:

    1.    Oliver 

    2.    Jack 

    3.    Harry 

    4.    Jacob 

    5.    Charlie 

    6.    Thomas 

    7.    George 

    8.    Oscar 

    9.    James 

    10.  William 

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    Top 10 baby boy names from Scotland:

    1.    Jack

    2.    Oliver

    3.    James

    4.    Lewis

    5.    Alexander

    6.    Charlie

    7.    Logan

    8.    Lucas

    9.    Harris

    10.  Daniel / Finlay / Jacob

    Top 10 baby boy names from Ireland:

    1.    Jack

    2.    James

    3.    Daniel

    4.    Conor

    5.    Sean

    6.    Adam

    7.    Noah

    8.    Michael

    9.    Charlie

    10.  Luke

    Top 10 baby boy names from the USA:

    1.    Noah

    2.    Liam

    3.    Mason

    4.    Jacob

    5.    William

    6.    Ethan

    7.    James

    8.    Alexander

    9.    Michael

    10.  Benjamin

    Top 10 baby boy names from Australia:

    1.    Oliver

    2.    Noah

    3.    Jack

    4.    Lucas

    5.    William

    6.    Jackson

    7.    James

    8.    Max

    9.    Charlie

    10.  Isaac

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    Baby Boy Names