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    Celebrate impending arrivals with a Baby Shower

    Baby Showers are a growing craze in the UK - family and friends of Mum’s-to-be up and down the country are busily honing their cupcake decorating skills in readiness for a prenatal party extravaganza!

    More and more of us are celebrating our impending arrivals in a fun filled, baby themed party, focussed around making one very special Mum in the making feel like the centre of the universe – and of course, to her very tiny, honoured little guest, she is absolutely that.

    Parties vary enormously in their opulence but one factor remains consistent – the giving and receiving of gifts. Whether it be baby grows, soft toys and blankets or a group gift with a little bit of everything all wrapped up beautifully, the gesture and thoughtfulness behind finding the perfect treat for new parents gives such pleasure to all involved.

    If you are tasked with arranging a baby shower, don’t be put off by Pinterest perfection but instead embrace your strengths and focus on your Mum in the making and her interests for themes. Most showers are thrown when the bump is well established – some even celebrate after the baby has arrived but a common thread is to make everything comfortable for your guest of honour and her precious cargo – a convenient location, early evening or daytime event and refreshments catered towards a pregnant palate rather than a boozy gathering with pate and blue cheese.

    Enjoy and celebrate a new little life entering the group with games, pampering or a simple friendly get together and catch up – it’s all about having fun.

    If you’re attending a Baby Shower and are stuck for ideas for what to buy as a present for the mum-to-be, then Piccolo Gifts may just be the answer. We just love their gift box ideas, “Boxes of Fun for Bundles of Joy”.

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