Celebrity Birthdays in June

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    Do you or your little one share a birthday with any of these famous faces in June?
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    1 Alanis Morissette, Heidi Klum, Jason Donovan, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman
    2 Edward Elgar
    3 Suzi Quatro, Rafael Nadal
    4 Angelina Jolie
    5 Mark Wahlberg
    6 Bjorn Borg, Robert Englund
    7 Liam Neeson, Prince, Anna Kournikova, Tom Jones
    8 Bonnie Tyler, Joan Rivers, Mick Hucknall, Nancy Sinatra, Kanye West
    9 Natalie Portman, Michael J Fox, Johnny Depp
    10 Elizabeth Hurley, Judy Garland, Prince Philip, Gene Wilder
    11 Hugh Laurie, Shia Lebeouf
    12 Anne Frank
    13 Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen
    14 Boy George, Donald Trump
    15 Courteney Cox-Arquette and Helen Hunt, Ice Cube
    16 Tupac Shakur
    17 Barry Manilow, Venus Williams, Lee Ryan
    18 Paul McCartney
    19 Paula Abdul, Boris Johnson
    20 Errol Flynn, John Goodman, Nicole Kidman, Lionel Richie
    21 Juliette Lewis, Prince William
    22 Cyndi Lauper, Meryl Streep
    23 KT Tunstall, Zinedine Zidane
    24 Mick Fleetwood, Lionel Messi
    25 George Michael, George Orwell, Ricky Gervais
    26 Chris Isaak, Laurie Lee
    27 Tobey Maguire and Vera Wang
    28 Kathy Bates, John Cusack, Mel Brooks
    29 Gary Busey, Nicole Scherzinger
    30 Mike Tyson, Cheryl Cole

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