Celebrity Birthdays in May

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    Do you or your little one share a birthday with any of these famous faces in May?
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    1 Joanna Lumley
    2 Bianca Jagger, David Beckham, Lily Allen, Dwayne Johnson
    3 Ben Elton, Bing Crosby
    4 Audrey Hepburn, Rory McIlroy
    5 Craig David, Michael Palin, Richard E Grant, Adele
    6 George Clooney, Orson Welles, Sigmund Freud, Tony Blair
    7 Kate Lawler
    8 David Attenborough, Enrique Iglesias, Sid James
    9 Albert Finney, Billy Joel
    10 Fred Astaire, Sid Vicious, Bono
    11 Natasha Richardson, Holly Valance
    12 Emilio Estevez, Florence Nightingale, Katharine Hepburn, Tony Hawk
    13 Stevie Wonder, Robert Pattinson
    14 Cate Blanchett, George Lucas, Martine McCutcheon, Natalie Appleton
    15 Zara Phillips, Andy Murray
    16 Henry Fonda, Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan, Megan Fox
    17 Andrea Corr, Dennos Hopper
    18 Pope John Paul II
    19 Grace Jones, Malcolm X
    20 Cher, Jimmy Stewart, Busta Rhymes
    21 Leo Sayer, Mr T
    22 Morrissey, Naomi Campbell, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Novak Djaokovic
    23 Joan Collins
    24 Bob Dylan, Kristen Scott Thomas, Queen Victoria, Priscilla Presley
    25 Lauryn Hill, Mike Myers, Ian McKellen
    26 Helena Bonham Carter, Lenny Kravitz, Patsy Palmer, John Wayne
    27 Christopher Lee, Cilla Black, Denise Van Outen, Pat Cash, Andre 3000
    28 David Baddiel, Kylie Minogue, Ian Fleming
    29 Adam Rickett, Bob Hope, Latoya Jackson, Mel B
    30 Harry Enfield, Steven Gerrard, Ceelo Green
    31 Brooke Shields, Clint Eastwood, Colin Farrell

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