Celebrity Birthdays in November

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    Do you or your little one share a birthday with any of these famous faces in November?
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    1 Lynda La Plante, Toni Collette
    2 Burt Lancaster, Nelly, David Schwimmer
    3 Adam Ant, Charles Bronson, Dolph Lundgren
    4 Matthew McConaughey, P Diddy
    5 Bryan Adams
    6 Thandie Newton, Ethan Hawke
    7 Marie Curie, Rio Ferdinand
    8 Tara Reid, Jack Osbourne
    9 Jill Dando
    10 Brittany Murphy
    11 Calista Flockhart , Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio
    12 Anne Hathaway, Ryan Gosling
    13 Whoopi Goldberg, Gerard Butler
    14 Prince Charles, Monet
    15 Petula Clark, Jonny Lee Miller
    16 Lisa Bonet, Maggie Gyllenhaal
    17 Danny De Vito
    18 Kim Wilde, Owen Wilson
    19 Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan
    20 Bo Derek
    21 Bjork, Goldie Hawn
    22 Boris Becker, Charles De Gaulle, Jamie Lee Curtis, Scarlett Johansson
    23 Kelly Brook, Miley Cyrus
    24 Billy Connolly
    25 Christina Applegate
    26 Tina Turner, Natasha Bedingfield
    27 Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix
    28 Martin Clunes
    29 CS Lewis
    30 Ben Stiller, Des'ree, Lorraine Kelly, Winston Churchill

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