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    Capricorn Baby Horoscope
    December 22 - January 19

    Your Capricorn baby will have a quiet and peaceful character. Capricorn babies are thoughtful, reserved, diplomatic, economical and decided; their maturity will be surprising. They are careful and a Capricorn baby knows what they want (and they usually get it!). It may even seem as if they had everything planned ahead in their little minds.


    Capricorn babies can be delicate and so they are happiest in secure and well structured homes. They love routine and affection; so will want their bottle on time and regular cuddles. Capricorn babies will make slow, but constant progress; they like to work hard.

    As they grow older they often become avid readers, and are far happier studying an interesting, and often educational, book than out playing with their friends. Because of this, team games and activities may not be enjoyed. With their natural respect for authority, they may prefer the company of older people even in their early years, and they may need encouragement to join in with others of their own age.

    Capricorn babies take life seriously and ultimately they are destined to be successful in whatever they pursue.

    Celebrity Capricorns:

    Sir Isaac Newton, Gary Barlow, Elvis Presley, Carol Vorderman, Anthony Hopkins, Ricky Martin, Gerard Depardieu, Denzel Washington, Jude Law, Fiona Phillips, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Mary J Blige, Edith Bowman, Kate Moss, Muhammed Ali, Will Young.

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