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    Taurus Baby Horoscope
    April 20 - May 20

    Taurus babies are slow, like the bull of their star sign, and may not show much activity in the early stages of life. They don’t like change. They seek security and lots of comfort with soft & cuddly toys covered in textures and colours. They become very attached to their comforts and will become frustrated when they are changed.

    Taurus Baby Horoscope

    You need to be especially careful when dealing with a child born under Taurus. They very much know their own mind and no amount of reasoning is going to convince them to follow your directions!

    As they grow older Taurus children become natural peacemakers and nurturers and enjoy mothering, often mothering you. They don’t mind sharing things but can be possessive.

    In school, your Taurus child will work carefully and slowly, with strong attention to details, and will not tire easily. Whatever task is before them, these children are determined to succeed; but don't expect your Taurus child to pick up the pace - it's just not going to happen, but they will get there at their own speed.

    Your little Taurean will be happiest when creating and making something. Whether they make structures that stay up for 5 minutes or 5 thousand years, it’s all the same. They get a sense of satisfaction in looking at something and thinking “I made that”.

    Both Taurus boys and Taurus girls are very dedicated to their loved ones and will go to any extent to help them. Later in life, they will seek a rich and sensual love life.

    Taurus Celebrities:

    Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth II, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Tess Daly, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, David Beckham, Lily Allen, George Clooney, Tony Blair, David Attenborough, Enrique Iglesias, Zara Phillips, Andy Murray, Cher,

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