Nursing Bras - Get The Right Fit For You

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    When breastfeeding, it is very important that your nursing bras fit properly, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable, unsupported and your bras won’t last long which is a waste of money. Breasts have no muscles, only ligaments which can be overly stretched without proper support.

    Nursing Bras - Get The Right Fit For You

    Three or four days after the birth of your baby, your milk will arrive and you will feel huge! You will need to buy 1 or 2 cup sizes larger than your pregnancy size, but the good news is that your ribcage will start to shrink back to normal so you should choose your pre-pregnancy rib size. In other words, if you were size 34C before your pregnancy, you will have been 36D throughout your pregnancy and you will need 34E or 34F for breastfeeding your baby.

    Choose a nursing bra with good support for day - underwired nursing bras are ideal - and a softer one for night feeds.

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