The Baby Journeys Top Four Positions for Labour

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    The Baby Journey midwives have delivered babies in all kinds of positions, and they know that if Mummy is in a good position it can help the baby get in to a good position too. Getting gravity on your side to work with your body and encourage your baby through the birth canal is a good idea, and upright positions are great. You can still use pain relief as you wish along side these, as well as your midwife listening in to your baby's heartbeat, and helping your little one into the world. 

    Here's The Baby Journey's top four positions for labour and birth: 


    They don't often have babies like this on Eastenders do they? But standing up (and leaning on something like a bed, a counter, your partner) is a great position for labour and birth. This is brilliant if you feel better pacing about, like lots of ladies do. Your baby can be born with you standing, and then passed up to you for that first precious cuddle. 


    Squatting down is a great position in labour, and often feels right (that's why lots of ladies like to sit on the loo in labour!). It can be hard on the leg muscles, so you might see a birthing stool used to help take some of the effort out. Swapping and changing positions is really helpful, so don't worry if you can't do this for long, come back to it again later. 


    Sometimes you get tired in labour, and you just want to lie down, but there's a little voice in your head that says "don't lie flat on your back - that's not so good to help baby through"…. well lying on your side is a great alternative - a win win when you're tired! 


    Being on your hands and knees is a fantastic position for encouraging baby into a good position for birth, and is a great balance between rest and being mobile. You can rest your head down between contractions, but still move and rock when they come. 

    Midwives will encourage you to try different positions in labour, and your body will guide you as to what feels right when the time comes. Trust yourself and you'll know what to do! 

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