The Benefits of Cranial Osteopath

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    Being pregnant can be an exhausting experience and at times frustrating. Its all due to the strain that your body is undertaking, eating for two and having to live for two. Even for new mums it can be a tough experience - lack of sleep and no 'me' time can be very frustrating. Do not feel ashamed to feel like this as millions of new mums feel this too. Cranial osteopathy is a process of extremely gentle osteopathic treatment, which focuses on relieving stress and tension throughout the body. Not only is it recommended to mums both expectant and also new but has also been proved to calm new born's and children as well.

    Cranial osteopaths will perform a thorough case history and examination of their patients, however, treatment will consist of observing and treating disruptions in the cranial rhythm,  whether they be due to recent events or as retained tensions due to past incidents including emotional events. Birth is a very stressful (and painful!) event in our lives, and what the body goes though is a massive strain so Cranial Osteopathy can really do wonders for the body - not only is it relaxing but also it helps the muscels and bones within your body.

    It has also shown great results for babies who have suffered after a difficult birth, or suffered from reflux / colic type problems. Also it is very beneficial for older children suffering with such things like growing pains. Cranial Osteopathy is a great way to help and rejuvenate your body, while also not forgetting the benefits it can have on your children.

    This article was provided by the Osteopathic Clinic based in Pannal Doctors Surgery, Harrogate. For more information ring them on 01423 810316 or visit

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