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    The official 2015 names list has been published by the Office of National Statistics (2nd September 2015) and below are the top baby names in England and Wales for 2015. 

    In 2015, there were 697, 852 live births in England and Wales, with over 27,000 different boys’ names and over 35,000 different girls’ names registered. The top 100 boys’ names accounted for 52% of all baby boys born in 2015, while the top 100 girls’ names accounted for 43% of all baby girls born in 2015.


    Oliver has once again secured the number one spot in the official top baby boy names for the third year running.  There were 4 new entries in the top 100 most popular boys’ names in 2015 for England and Wales: Jaxon, Roman, Reggie and Carter. These replaced Owen, Robert, Joey and Finlay which were in the top 100 in 2014. Within the boys’ top 100, Jaxon showed the largest rise, up 35 places to number 80. Kian, down 44 places to number 98, showed the largest fall

    Top 10 most popular baby boy names 2015

    1. Oliver 
    2. Jack 
    3. Harry 
    4. George 
    5. Jacob 
    6. Charlie 
    7. Noah  
    8. William 
    9. Thomas 
    10. Oscar 

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    Parents are playing safe again with the official top baby girl names 2015. Amelia has been in the top spot since 2011.  There were 6 new entries in the top 100 most popular girls’ names in 2015: Penelope, Mila, Clara, Arabella, Maddison and Aria. These replaced Lydia, Faith, Mollie, Brooke, Isabel and Amy. Within the girls’ top 100, Aria showed the largest rise, gaining 70 places to number 100. Katie, down 22 places to number 99, showed the largest fall.

    Top 10 most popular baby girl names 2015

    1. Amelia 
    2. Olivia 
    3. Emily 
    4. Isla 
    5. Ava 
    6. Ella 
    7. Jessica
    8. Isabella 
    9. Mia 
    10. Poppy
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    There are a few things to consider when choosing a name;

    • Family heritage on both sides
    • How the first name matches up with the family name
    • If you are picking a middle name, does it flow with the first and last name and what will the initials spell out.
    • Can you shorten the name and will you be happy with that name sticking instead of the given name you have chosen.

    Fun Fact - did you know?

    Several countries - such as Germany, Sweden, China and Iceland - restrict what you can call your baby!! In the case of Iceland, it's about meeting certain rules of grammar and gender, and saving the child from possible embarrassment. There is a list of 1,853 female names and 1,712 male ones, and parents must pick from these lists or seek permission from a special committee.
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