Top 10 Best and Worst Behaved Children’s Names

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    A study carried out by School Stickers, who supply over 10,000 schools with stickers and certificates for good behaviour, analysed report cards and statistics from over 70,000 children at 10,000 different schools.

    Data revealed children named Anna, Millie, Ryan and Harry were more likely to receive glowing report cards. Whilst those named James, Joseph, Leah and Abigail were more likely to be sat on the naughty step.

    Are your little angels or devil’s names in the top 10?

    Top 10 Nicest Boys                  Top 10 Nicest Girls

    Harry                                        Anna
    Ryan                                        Courtney
    Ethan                                       Millie
    Lewis                                        Miah
    Ben                                          Grace
    Adam                                        Bethany
    Nathan                                      Lily
    Oliver                                        Ella
    Dylan                                        Ellie
    Benjamin                                   Laura

    Top 10 Naughtiest Boys           Top 10 Naughtiest Girls

    Joseph                                      Leah
    James                                       Eleanor
    Joshua                                      Jasmine
    Luke                                         Abigail
    Samuel                                     Olivia
    Matthew                                    Holly
    Daniel                                       Georgia
    Mohammed                               Chloe
    Owen                                        Amelia
    George                                      Shannon

    While findings reveal the names more likely to be associated with good or bad behaviour, Neil Hodges, managing director of School Stickers, says the study is “just a bit of fun”. He says: “There are many children called Leah and Joseph who are perfect little angels, just as there are many called Harry and Anna who Santa is watching!”

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