Choosing Childcare

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    Going back to work is a daunting task after having a baby and you need to feel comfortable with your decision for it to work. Visit your chosen childminder and/or nursery before you decide and don’t be embarrassed to ask all those questions on your mind. It’s always good to write a list of what to ask, to ensure you don’t forget anything. We have included a list of questions you may wish to ask.
    • How many children are in a group/class and how many staff will look after them?
    • How many staff are permanent and what are their qualifications?
    • What will my child’s day be like? i.e. eating, sleeping, playing.
    • Will my child be looked after by the same staff each day or will it change?
    • What facilities are there, such as equipment, space to play inside and out?
    • What happens if my child gets upset?
    • Are milk, meals & any special requirements provided for?
    • Do I have to supply nappies, wipes etc?
    • How do they manage potty training?
    • What happens if I need extra ‘Ad hoc’ sessions?
    • What happens if I am late picking up my child?
    • What happens in the holidays (do they run a holiday club)?
    If there is anything that is specific to your child, for example an allergy; make sure they are aware of it. Tell them about your child, his or her routine, likes and dislikes, feeding information (particularly if you’re still breastfeeding). Explain what you think your routine will be, to ensure it can be fulfilled. Once you have chosen your childcare, a good organised routine is key.

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