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    Finding childcare can seem like a daunting task, as it involves the care and protection of your children. One way to reduce the amount of stress involved in searching for the right nanny is by seeking the professional help of an agency.

    When looking for a nanny it is very important to meet them face to face as, meeting them in person gives you the opportunity to identify their character, and interact with them. It is always advised for you to get along well with your nanny but the most important people for them to get along with is the children! Leaving your children with someone is always a very daunting experience but knowing that the children enjoy spending time with your nanny and like being in their company will make every difference to your peace of mind. A nanny (especially if a live-in one) needs to become part of the family and needs to be a hit with you all for you to employ them. 

    It is best that nannies have experience as a private nanny and working within the childcare sector. But more than anything they need to be excellent with children, being able to interact with children naturally, getting on a child’s level while also having authority is a great quality to an excellent nanny.   This is very important when choosing your nanny. They need to be fully CRB checked so that you know everything about their working history and know the children are in safe hands.

    Help For Nannies

    For lots of nannies when they go to work with a new family they often move to a new area with no familiar faces or places so it is very important for them to be welcomed into the house. Its also very good to introduce the nannies to other people. If friends of yours have nannies it might be a good idea to invite them over. As even though as a nanny they will love spending time with the children - just like muns, they will need some company of their own age at times!! Some nanny agencies like Imperial Nannies offer a service for nannies where they can meet and greet other nannies within the area, so its worth asking your nanny representative if they offer any services like that.


    It is always important
    that you are happy with your nanny and your nanny is happy with you! Its essential that you ask for advice from local nanny services and support systems such as schools.

    This article was provided by Imperial Nannies whom are always available for advice or even a friendly chat. Imperial Nannies also provide everything that is advised above within their services.

    Please call Katherine or Gabi on 0845 602 2977 to discuss your requirements further or visit our website  to see our current vacancies and a selection of our available nannies.
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