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    Sitters has been providing childcare for more than 45 years, and is now Britain’s favourite babysitting service. They provide a complete service – once you’ve joined they do all the hard work matching your family with suitable local childcarers.  All their childcarers have been thoroughly vetted and personally interviewed, and you receive a brief CV and other customers’ testimonials about anyone new who is coming to look after your children.

    There are three main areas of childcare that Sitters can help with. If you are looking forward to a well-earned night out, they can provide evening babysitting. The babysitters are all experienced and confident childcarers, so if you need them to take over a bedtime routine, that is all part of the service. Sitters can also provide short-term daytime childcare, which is perfect if you suddenly need to be elsewhere with the kids at home. Finally, one major benefit of Sitters’ national network is that you can call on their services even when you’re away on holiday in the UK. So if you need a babysitter at a hotel or holiday cottage, just give them a call.

    The service with Sitters is streamlined and efficient. You can book online or by phone (for a minimum three hours), and will soon receive email confirmation of who has been assigned to your request. You will receive another confirmation the day before the booking, and then the babysitter will confirm they are on their way an hour before the booking starts – which is all great peace-of-mind.

    Although professional, Sitters is far from impersonal. Once you have used the service a few times and been introduced to a few babysitters, you can start to create your list of preferred babysitters – your future requests will be sent in order to the top three on your list, before being sent to anyone else. If you use the service regularly, very quickly you will find yourself with a few trusted babysitters who your kids get to know and love, and who may be with you for many years.

    For more information, take a look at Sitters website, where you can also do a postcode search of the childcarers in your area and see what other customers have said about them. New members also get a free booking fee credit (worth up to £6) with their first booking by quoting our special code ‘STEPS1FREE’

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