Squaring the Circle of Work-life Balance?

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    For some mum's going back to work can be a great struggle. Especially when it comes to getting the right balance between work and family life. Lots of people just struggle though working while feeling that they should be at home with the children being a full time mum. So lots of us just end up feeling like a rubber band thats just going to snap at any point.

    However there is another way for us to live! Lots of women choose to work from home now, and it is a great option, lots of companies are becoming a lot more flexible for mums giving them the opportunity to work from home while maybe going into the office a couple of times during the week. It is a fantastic way to work meaning you can have your own hours, have the kids on hand and also earn a decent income!

    There are now hundreds of opportunities for mums to get back into the working world while also being able to keep their home comforts.

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    This article was provided by Denise Raynor who has taken the leap and is working from home. She now helps mums work from home.For more details give her a ring on 01949 898106, or email on or visit

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