Top Tips on Leaving your Child at Nursery

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                  Tips for leaving your child at nursery

    Tips for leaving your child at nurseryThe first day at nursery is always going to be a little traumatic in one way or another.  Sometimes for both parent and child, sometimes just for the parent, sometimes just for the child.  When you are deciding on a nursery you can ask the staff you meet what methods they use to comfort a distressed child during dropping off time. At all nurseries there will be a suggested ‘settling in’ period, when you can bring your child with you and let them experience an hour or so of nursery life.  Usually you can let them play with the other children while you sign registration forms and meet with the nursery manager, then bring them back and drop them off for a longer play another day, prior to them starting full time, or part time, depending on your childcare requirements.   During the meeting with the nursery manager you can talk about your child’s likes and dislikes, any allergies, and any special methods you have used for comforting them when upset.  My daughter had a muslin which was her ‘comfort blanket’ for example so I always put that in her bag for nursery and made sure the staff knew about it.  In all good nurseries the staff are well used to dealing with new children and helping them settle in, and the exciting range of new toys and potential playmates will go some way towards cheering up the new arrival! 

    Tips for leaving your child at nurseryIf your child is old enough to understand, prior to beginning at nursery talk to them about what to expect from nursery and how exciting it will be.  Tell your child that they will have their own peg with their name on it, their own drawer, or whatever personal items the nursery you have chosen allocates to each child.  Find out what food will be cooked for the children and tell them about it especially if it is their favourite!  You should be able to get a menu from the nursery so you will know what is coming up.  If they were particularly keen on one of the toys during their settling in visits, remind them about that toy and also speak to the nursery staff about this preference. My son Samuel was a bit clingy when being dropped at nursery in the early days, and the best tactic I found was to drop him off quickly, not to linger, but to hand him straight to his favourite person at the nursery (thank you Claire!) bid him a cheerful goodbye, assure him that I would be back to pick him up at the end of the day, and make a speedy exit.  I saw many parents lingering with their children and I felt it only served to prolong the pain of departure for the child. Sometimes Claire would hold Samuel up to the window to wave goodbye as I got in the car and I made sure always to have a cheerful smile on my face and blow him a kiss, which became part of our routine.  Samuel quickly made friends at the nursery and it was sometimes hard to drag him away from a game when I arrived to pick him up! Dee Gregson runs a childcare agency ‘Nannies and Childcare’, supplying Au Pairs, nannies, babysitters and childminders.  She can be contacted on
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