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    *What is a medical herbalist?
    A medical herbalist is a qualified practitioner who uses the same diagnostic techniques as a doctor may do, as well as taking other aspects of health and lifestyle into account. One of the major differences being that they don't focus solely on the symptoms of your illness, they have a more holistic approach, so consider all manner of aspects of health and lifestyle and work from a deeper level to restore wellbeing. Another significant difference is that they use herbs in the form of liquid tinctures (loose dried herbs) as a tea or in capsule format rather than standard prescription drugs. They work around whatever lifestyle you have and together you will decide what is best for you. They will also consider diet and lifestyle measures which you may wish to alter in order to help with your long term health.

    *Is it safe to have treatment when you are pregnant?
    Even if you are pregnant, on other medication or have a difficult situation there is something they can do to help. Often, expectant mothers are limited as to what they can take when pregnant, so seeing a medical herbalist may allow the opportunity to look at health from a different perspective.

    My child gets recurrent illnesses, would using a medical herbalist help?
    They should certainly be able to do something in this situation. Often if there is a pattern of repeat illnesses there is a reason for it. A medical herbalist can explore various possible reasons and work on eliminating them, getting to the root cause and enabling them to prevent future problems.

    *Are there any dangers to using this type of therapy?
    As with any medicine, there are risks and side effects - a fully trained practitioner will be aware of any risks or cautions and would discuss this with you.

    *My toddler has problems sleeping. Would this help?
    The whole experience of visiting a medical herbalist may help in this situation - this would be an issue which they would use very gentle methods like routine and diet to get the the bottom of the problem. It may well be that the child has tummy ache or a fear of the dark which has not yet been explored, something which they can work on. A medical herbalist would accompany this with some very gentle herbs where necessary.

    Can a medical herbalist use herbs alongside conventional medicine?
    Yes – again, a qualified medical herbalist is able to assess the situation and work alongside conventional medicine; in some cases reducing unwanted side effects and generally improving the general state of health and wellbeing.

    *How long will herbal treatment take?
    This depends on the individual - some people are treated three times and others have been treated for up to a year.

    *What happens during a consultation with a Medical Herbalist?
    An initial consultation lasts approximately one hour and in this time a medical herbalist takes a full case history which covers all aspects of the current state of health as well as medical history, family history, social life and emotional wellbeing. In doing this it enables them to get a full picture of you and treat you in a holistic manner. They may need to examine you although this is rare, if you would prefer to have a chaperon then you can leave that until the next visit. They do always take pulse and blood pressure on your first visit.

    The next appointment is a follow up - this is after two weeks and lasts about half an hour. This is to see how you are doing with the medicine and what's working well for you. From here, you move on to meeting every four weeks, all being well. It varies from person to person of course as some people will require more frequent contact.

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