Bully Busting - Take the Appropriate Steps to Beat the Bullies

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    What is bullying? This is a big question and one that is difficult to answer, certainly for only one person. Bullying is a continuous effort by one person or a group of people to harm another. Physical bullying could be kicking or punching; emotional bullying could be name calling or making a joke of someone. This may be what first comes to mind. But bullying can also be being forced in to doing something you don’t want to do for fear of repercussions; for example being told to do the wrong thing. Cyber bullying is abusive behaviour or the spreading of rumours online, via social media or texting.

    How do we stop it? There are 5 levels of defence we use in the AEGIS Martial Arts system and we can use these to give ourselves a clear and simple process to follow. This system has been proven to work for any problem or challenge you may face in everyday life. These are: Level Five, Avoid; Level Four, Block; Level Three, Deflect; Level Two, Evade; and Level One, Attack.

    What can we all do? We are responsible if we want to attend a bully free school. If you see bullying happening you should take action. Tell the person to stop or inform a teacher. Make sure that you invite the person being bullied to join in with what you’re doing.

    Why do people bully? Before we act, we find out why someone is bullying, they may be being bullied themselves, they may be finding things hard at home or at school. Bullies aren't always bad people, sometimes they just need to be reminded how they are supposed to act and behave.

    Remember RESPECT. You should treat others how you want and expect to be treated by them.

    5 Levels of Defence

    1)      Avoid the Bully. Level Five defence is Avoid. Avoiding is a great first step as it may solve the problem, and if not it gives you breathing space, allowing you to assess, and think about what to do next. In terms of dealing with a bully at school, this strategy can work well but may have some logistical problems, if you share a class room for example, which means that it could be classed as a short term fix.

    2)      Block the Bully. Level Four defence is Block. To Block, you can tell someone such as a teacher or parent, once they know the repercussions of their actions, they may stop acting in this way. Understand that it is not your fault and that it is not acceptable for others to treat you in this way, but take responsibility for yourself - take action to stop the bullying.

    3)      Divert the Bully. Level three defence is Deflect. Your can make obscure comment or strange question or tell them a joke. This may distract them and direct their focus elsewhere. Keeping a diary or log of their behaviour can also help, especially with cyber bullying. Keep emails, Facebook posts or text messages. If a bully knows you have evidence of their actions this can cause them to stop.

    4)      Evade the Bully. Level two defence is Evade. Control your environment and your emotions. Take ownership of your environment and surround yourself with your friends. If you want to feel happy and confident, then stand tall, head up, shoulders back and make good eye contact.. Don’t look like a victim, but stand tall and be confident.

    5)      Fight back. Level one defence is Attack. It doesn't have to be a physical attack, shout, yell, get in their personal space, wave your arms and use strong language, the assault on their senses can be enough. If some one is hitting you, you can hit back to defend yourself until you can get away

    Remember RESPECT

    Report It                           Tell someone if you or someone else is being bullied.
    Evade and Avoid              Keep away from bad areas and disrespectful people.
    Stamp It Out                     Take action to keep bullying out of your school.
    Protect Yourself Online     Check with your parents and take security measures.
    Emotional Control            Think before you act and don’t worry, there is always a way to stop it.
    Courage                            Have the courage to do the right thing.
    Training                            Enrol in an activity to help you build confidence, such as AEGIS Martial Arts.

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