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    Did you know?

    A typical working parent in the UK will have a childcare breakdown 9 times a year. That’s a lot of last-minute childcare to find, which can obviously be stressful.

    What is Emergency Childcare?

    Emergency Childcare is a membership service that lets parents plan ahead for life’s little emergencies, allowing them to put a back-up plan into place and then book an emergency nanny, nursery or childminder anywhere in the UK with as little as 2 hours’ notice.

    We are currently offering new members a 3 month free trial 
    (Thereafter £9.60 a month or £99.60 a year)
    My Family Care Ltd FREE 3 months
    Members can:
    • Search for local childcare options (nannies, 800+ nurseries, 2,500+ childminders)
    • Arrange to visit nurseries/meet childminders they're interested in
    • Save favourites for future reference
    • Book last minute childcare. Nurseries and childminders can be found with as little as half an hours’ notice. We aim to find members a great nanny anywhere in the UK with a minimum of two hours’ notice
    • Speak to an expert about a whole range of childcare related issues.
    When parents might need Emergency Childcare:
    • A usual nursery is closed for the day
    • The permanent nanny is off sick
    • The childminder is on holiday
    • The school has (another!) inset day
    • They simply fancy some time for themselves.

    …And even if there’s no emergency today?

    Great – and hopefully it will stay that way! But when things do go wrong, our members can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing they’ve already got their back-up childcare plan in place.

    Visit the Emergency Childcare website to find out more.
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