Going to Preschool for the First Time. How to Help

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    Going to preschool for the first time can be a difficult transition for a toddler. Various strategies can help your toddler adjust.

    Read your toddler books about going to school.

    There are many different books with the premise of acclimatizing child to school. These are simple and made for this age group. Some of them contain popular children's characters. If you read your toddler these books, he or she may relate to them and feel a little better about the process.

    There are also television shows along the same lines. Explore which ones may be beneficial for your toddler.

    Talk to your toddler.How to help a Toddler adjust from staying home to preschool.

    It may seem like so recently your toddler was a baby and you could not really have a conversation with him or her, but now you can. You want to give him or her a chance to vocalise any anxiety or issues they are experiencing with the transition. You can talk about any problems that they may be experiencing.

    Show your excitement, not your trepidation.

    Many parents feel worse about their children going off to preschool than the children feel themselves. Your toddler may have difficulty adjusting if you act like it is a big, bad thing. Instead, show your excitement about it. Talk to them as if it is absolutely the best thing that can happen. Talk about how they are now a big boy or girl.
    This excitement should not stop on the first day of school. When they come home, ask them about their day and what they have learned. Inquire about friends that they have made.

    You should be supportive of all that they do in preschool. If the school has functions, then go to them. You can ask if your child wants to make play dates with any friends that are there.

    You can also give them things to be excited about. If they do not wear uniforms, then let them pick out nice new outfit to wear to school. Buy them a new backpack. You may want to let them do something normally reserved for older kids such as extending their bedtime by fifteen minutes.

    Continue the things that your child enjoys at home.

    Although things have changed now that your toddler is in preschool, obviously a lot has not changed. If your toddler always loved to be read to in the morning but now he or she is going to school, read to them in the afternoon. Try to make sure that you keep with the routines that they loved to do before so that they do not feel like they are losing everything.

    Preschool can be a big adjustment, both for your children and for you. The above tips can help you adjust your toddler to the change.
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